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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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May 3rd, 2010

12:01 am - There Are Some Loons at Asilomar
Isn't this around the time you have one of your crazy medical writing conferences?

Yeah, it was a couple weeks ago! You probably didn't even notice I was gone for a few days.

I always notice. I miss you.


I was being sarcastic, idiot. I was getting trashed with Raoul the whole fucking time.

I knew you two knew each other. So do you want to hear about the conference or not?

Well, was it like last year's? Or the one before that?

A mixture of both, you might say! If you used the word "mixture."

I prefer tincture.

Look, this year, a week before the conference, I was actually asked to direct the musical comedy skit! Because I'd done such a good job with The Wrik*do and enjoyed myself. I can't believe I've reached a point in my life where people are asking me to do awesome things I want to do anyway!

I will admit that sounds exciting. Fine, I will conduct this interview, but only if you end up becoming Facebook friends with at least two people you meet.

Dude, spoiler warning.

Things happen. My journal-dragon interviews me about them so I don't have to concern myself with narrative chronology. Such is life.Collapse )

But what if I want to watch your stupid play skit musical comedy shit thing whatever?

You can download West Coast Story and see it for yourself. It's a huge file, but it's only ten minutes. It was my first time directing something I hadn't completely written, so it was weird, but fun.

What about HelpMeVeronica.com?

Theatre, dude! It's different! Plus I was directing over the phone half the time.

Fine, well, what if I want to see your first time directing THEATRE that you had written?

You can download The Wrik*do and see it for yourself as well. It's a big file, but it's only fifteen minutes.

Well, aren't you just all that and a bag of chips.

Just a bag of chips, thank you.

Mmm, chips.

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