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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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April 27th, 2010

12:36 am - April in April!
This weekend, aprilbegins flew up to visit me! And some other friends, but mostly me. And some other friends. So she got to be part of a very long list of gerunds—with bonus sentences.

You haven't seen San Francisco until you see it through the eyes of Polter-Cow!Collapse )
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11:27 pm - It's About Bunnies!
If Doctor Strange: The Oath and/or The Losers are relevant to your interests, you should check out my post from late Friday night.

Now I present yesterday's Adventure in Facebook. The set-up: remember this bunny guy on BART from last weekend? Remember Amy, whom I met at Heidi's out-of-debt party in January? You don't have to; that's why I have links. Anyway, let's get to it. I've edited out the less relevant portions of the conversation.
Amy is thinking of tattoos involving bunnies.

Me: I rode BART with a guy with a bunny tattoo the other day. He was wearing a bunny hat. And carrying a plush carrot. And reading Watership Down.


Amy's Friend: Was he talking to a friend named Harvey?

Me: No, but his name was Levy.

Amy's Friend: Okay, this is weird and off-topic, but I think you know (of?) my ex-boyfriend. The internet is definitely as weird a place as BART.

Me: No way! That was your ex-boyfriend? He also had a stuffed giraffe in his bag, among other things. And he said he worked at T & A. That is wild.

Amy's Friend: Yeah, once you said, "Levy," I realized it had to be him!

Amy: Waaaaaaait wait wait wait. Sunil saw a guy on bart with a rabbit tattoo, and all that other stuff, and it was [my friend]'s ex-boyfriend??!?!?

Me: Exactly, Amy. I love the Internet.

Amy: WOW
Officially best story ever?!
As a bonus, Amy's friend also knows caitriona80!! Through the same channel I do, even.

I'm not even sure what the odds are, here. Lesson learned: one man's single-serving BART friend is another girl's ex-boyfriend.
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