March 4th, 2010

Cylons = gods

Sleeping in San Diego

Poll #1533868 The Comic-Con Convergence Continuum

Are you going to Comic-Con?

Maybe so

If you answered Yes to the above question, we need to talk! Because hotel reservations open two weeks from today. Last year, I stayed a few miles away at a cheap hotel, but now I understand the physical and psychological advantages of staying closer to the convention center. Last year, we split a $100-a-night room among the four of us for four nights, but I'd be willing to pay twice that to stay within a one-mile radius of the convention center (or at least closer than last year on the shuttle route). According to the hotel list, there are a few hotels that fit the bill: Doubletree Hotel Downtown San Diego, The Bristol Hotel, Holiday Inn on the Bay, Hampton Inn San Diego Downtown, Best Western Bayside Inn, and The Sofia Hotel.

I know some people already have groups ready to go, but if you're looking for someone to stay with...I am cool! Let us put together a supercool foursome.