January 12th, 2010

Did it work?

District Nein

Jesus God. When the Affair of the Necklace appeared to result in a fairly quick détente, I thought it had been too easy.

My mom called. After speaking with the guy who blessed the locket, she offered this compromise: she knew I didn't believe, but I could wear the necklace for 21 days straight and then just put it with my other religious items.

It was tempting to just give in. "No," I said.

I wouldn't have to get her a Mother's Day gift. Mother's Day was coming up, and this would be her Mother's Day gift. She wouldn't expect a gift, a card, not even a phone call, if I just did this for her.

It was a tempting offer. "I'm just going to have keep saying no," I said. "No."

She blamed herself for not making me wear necklaces when I was a kid, so I didn't like wearing necklaces now. I told her it was nobody's fault. She said I could put it under my shirt; it wouldn't even show. I said it wasn't about showing. I told her I would keep it in my pocket, and she said I had to wear it. She said she wouldn't expect a Mother's Day gift, birthday gift, anything. This wouldn't even cost me anything.

I was silent for a while, really wanting to just take the easy way out and give in. Finally, I mustered up the guts to say it again: "No."

I heard her consult my dad. My dad said that was it, she'd said her piece and I'd said mine. There was nothing more to say. She hung up.

I'm not sure whether this is really over. How many times does Jason usually come back?