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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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November 16th, 2009

11:27 pm - I Think That I Shall Never See
Wire fans! You really need to watch 100 Greatest Wire Quotes in 10 Minutes. It doesn't hit every moment I would, but, holy shit, it makes me want to rewatch the whole series RIGHT NOW. It really is a fantastic show. I'm sorry, but I've become one of Those People. You really need to watch The Wire, you guys. But don't watch that video if you haven't, obvs. Full of spoilers!

Instead, you can watch the Galactica get repossessed. It's pretty hilarious.

You want to hear something weird? I got a roll of quarters from the bank.

One of the quarters...was a franc.

A 1972 French franc.

What the hell.

This post is inspired by musesfool's love of poetry. I thought that I would share my Bad High School Poetry. Which led to Bad College Poetry. It is pretty terrible, you guys. Even though some of it was published in my high school literary magazine. And there are some good lines here and there. I find them a little endearing now, since they're the only poems I've ever written. But overall, they're pretty awful poems. Enjoy. For the lulz.

SidewalkCollapse )

First DayCollapse )

GoldenCollapse )

Head in the CloudsCollapse )

Sons of the ApocalypseCollapse )

I have not written a poem since. For obvious reasons. The college ones are certainly better than the high school ones, but they're still rather...er, I'll stick to writing prose.
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Current Music: Nine Inch Nails - Ripe (with Decay)

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