November 10th, 2009


At the Facility on East 12th Street

So we just got Microsoft Office Communicator installed on all our systems. My boss was on her way to my cubicle when she turned and stepped back into her office to give the old IM a try. And this is what she said:

Boss: I forgot to say thanks for doing a good job during our 1:1.
Boss: Thanks.
Me: You're welcome? I don't know what I did.
Boss: You are very intelligent, capable, and dependable. I am reminded of it at least daily. I thought I should say thanks for that.
Boss: If you want me to send this in an e-mail so you can archive it. I will.
Me: Oh! Thank you. I really appreciate it.
Me: Oh, please do. I will pull it out and hug it.
Boss: LOL. I assume you heard that.

(She actually thought I was being sarcastic until I told her before I left that I really would like an e-mail. This is what she sent:
Thank you for being so intelligent, capable, and reliable.*

*Replicated statement from an IM earlier today. I think I lost some of the details, but the intended message remains.

Now don’t get all arrogant and full of yourself.

Smiley face, , :-}
The smiley faces are because we were joking about emoticons afterward.)

I keep waiting for someone to figure out I spend half my time messing around online and I am secretly a fuck-up, but I appear to be really bad at being a fuck-up. I must be some kind of fuck-down.