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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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October 16th, 2009

12:12 am - Said Goodnight, Came Home, and Performed a Drum Solo
Tonight, on Adventures in Facebook:
Kristy: dear vampire weekend: the "h" in "horchata" is silent. that is all. xoxoxoxoxoxoxxx, kristy

Me: They don't give a fuck about the Oxford comma; why would they give a fuck about Spanish pronunciation?

Kristy: sunil, your music wittiness lights up my life. epic comment. thanks for the awesome!
Unrelatedly, I was watching an old episode of Psych last night, and when Ashley Williams showed up, I squealed, "BUTTERCUP!" She was so pretty and smiley that after the episode was over, I had to break out my How I Met Your Mother DVDs and pop in "Drumroll, Please," the episode where Ted meets Victoria. I completely understand Ted's wanting a perfect night never to be ruined. What if I had never attempted to contact the cute girl I met at the xkcd party and had just let it have been a great night? But I almost teared up at the end when she was so excited to see him and they kissed. I want that. One day, I want that.

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