October 11th, 2009

Ty Lee is prettier

They're Frrr-ustrating!

This morning, my mom called to ask for a favor: my grandparents had no one to drive them to the Diwali dinner. My grandfather just had eye surgery, and family drama with my aunt and uncle kept them from being accommodating. So it was up to me to drive down to Belmont and take them up to the temple in San Bruno. It turned out to be the same Diwali dinner I've gone to for the last couple years anyway.

Within minutes of entering, I spied a cute girl...whom I recognized. It couldn't be. You've got to be kidding me.

It was the second accountant. We'll call her Agent M, codename: Queen of the Flakes. As I related in that post, we had a very nice dinner a couple years ago, and she seemed agreeable to further meetings except she kept canceling them until I gave up. We remained Facebook friends, and sometimes I would send her a message asking how she was doing, and she would reply, and I would reply, but that's as far as it would go. Last year, she unexpectedly contacted me, which I used as an opportunity to attempt another meeting that, again, fell through despite our best efforts. And then she sent me a message at the beginning of this year, to which I responded but got no further response. She was my favorite potential future wife, so I held a tiny bit of hope that the stars would somehow align. And then a few months ago, she got engaged. I was this close to removing her since it seemed silly to keep her on based on one dinner and a relationship that consisted of "How are you?" "Good, how are you?" "Good." And then she left me a birthday message. Alas, she was a nice girl who sometimes noticed that I existed.

And here she was. We caught up. I was surprised she remembered things about me like where I lived, where I went to school, and that I had at least one younger sibling.

Her unexpected appearance seemed like some sort of bookend, a coda to this year of flaky women. On three separate and unrelated occasions, I have met a girl who appeared to enjoy my presence and expressed interest in seeing me, and in all three instances, that relationship either fizzled or never really materialized, albeit in different ways. I'm not even talking dating; regular friendship would suffice. I just don't make much of an impression, whereas I am very impressionable.

Agent M introduced me to her cousin, who was male, which meant I had a seating companion—at our awesomely sexist Indian functions, men and women sit in separate sections. I also met a recently married couple and explained how to use LinkedIn. I gave the woman my business card since she was looking for a job in the biotech industry. (She had been complaining that she didn't know anyone here that she wasn't related to, which allowed me to say, "Hi, I'm Sunil, I'm not related to you." Unfortunately, I spoke too fast and had to repeat myself, leaving out the flourish.)

Agent M had only come to the Diwali dinner since she'd never been and she thought she might as well go to one before she left. Her fiancé was in Florida, and she was moving there. I didn't get a chance to pull her aside and ask how that whole thing had worked out. Could she tell from his biodata that he was the guy? Did they have lively e-mail conversations? How long did they talk before their parents asked one of them to go meet in person? I've already got a new current potential future wife; I need to know these things.

As she left, she said that it was good to see me—and the feeling was mutual—and she would e-mail me when she was back in town, since she had a client here.

Yeah, we'll see about that.