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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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September 23rd, 2009

02:11 pm - The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Paint Job
Last month, I related the story of how Oak Tree Mazda refused to fix the scratch that was on my car when I bought it. Normally, little old me would have just lived with it, but in my continuing quest to be assertive, b-e assertive, I took the advice of people with more gumption than I and wrote a letter to the president of the dealership group, Big Cheese. I invoked the group's claim of "Project 100," which sought to "provide 100% customer satisfaction to 100% of our customers - 100% of the time!" Clearly, I was...less than satisfied, and I told the sordid tale of my experience with Oak Tree Mazda, including the dialogue with the salesman, Richard Cheese, who was unduly belligerent and snide toward me. It was four pages long.

I had to do a little bit of digging to find the address of the dealership group, as Google listed it under various addresses (corresponding to the dealerships). I called one and asked a woman for the address, and when I told her that I was writing about my experience at another dealership, she said, "You didn't get this from me." And gave me the full address of the business office and Big Cheese's direct line, as well as how to spell his name. (At the name of the dealership, she gave a knowing "Ooooooh.")

In the letter, I included pictures of the scratch at time of purchase and after the shoddy touch-up job and a request that Big Cheese call me within seven days or I would send the letter to Mazda. I also included my business card as proof that I was a professional and not some punk kid. I sent the letter certified mail, so I knew he got it the next day, but seven days passed without any response, so I sent the same letter to Mazda Customer Service with a similar request to be called within seven days to discuss the issue. Seven days passed without any response.

Two weeks ago, I received a hilariously perplexing voicemail from...Oak Tree Mazda. The woman wanted me to make an appointment to fix the scratch on my car, as it must have been "forgotten" or "overlooked" when I had come in before. O RLY? She noted that they'd had the paperwork since February and it was now September, just as facts. I wasn't sure whether Big Cheese had taken action or whether they had internally decided to save face or whether this was yet another issue of their service and sales departments not communicating with each other properly. I didn't return the call.

Meanwhile, I set up an appointment with my local Mazda to look at a transmission issue with my car. I asked the guy there whether a pre-existing scratch would be covered under warranty, and he said that it wouldn't, since it was part of the dealer's inspection and it would have to go through them. Rats.

Since I gave a story of bad customer service before, here's one of good customer service to balance it out!Collapse )
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