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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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August 25th, 2009

11:00 pm - Comic-Con 2009, Day 3: Friday Is Felicia Day
Friday is a big day for my three compatriots, as the Farscape panel in the morning is their can't-miss panel. Unfortunately, it is at the same time as the Guild panel, which is my can't-miss panel. I am woken up at 6, as they are taking precautions to make sure they get a spot in line. The first express trolley is at 8:25, so they—and then I—have to take the Green Line to the Blue Line to the Orange Line. Irritatingly, I end up getting to the convention center at 8:45, which is when I would have gotten there had I just waited until 8:25. I left too late to make the non-express trolleys worth it.

Panel: The GuildCollapse )

Signing: Javier Grillo-Marxuach and Les McClaineCollapse )

Pre-Panel: Attack of the Sh...itCollapse )

Panel: 24Collapse )

Panel: BonesCollapse )

Panel: DollhouseCollapse )

Exhibit Hall: Milling Around with MuseyCollapse )

Unexpected Meeting: Jane EspensonCollapse )

Pre-Dinner EntertainmentCollapse )

Dinner EntertainmentCollapse )

Friday is an exciting day, but Saturday promises to be even more exciting. I just don't know it yet.
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Current Music: The Prodigy - Claustrophobic Sting

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