August 22nd, 2009

River brainkiller

The Customer Is Always an Ungrateful Little Snot

When I bought my new car, there was a small scratch on it. The salesman agreed to have it taken care of, as well he should. He also threw in a free oil change after falsely giving us the impression that he was going to lower the price by fifty bucks.

When I brought the car down for some misting inside the taillights, they buffed the scratch down as much as they could, but they didn't have the paint to finish the job. I said it'd be more convenient if I just had it taken care of when I came in for my first oil change, and the salesman said that was fine.

About three months after I bought my car, a lady called to schedule an appointment for my first oil change and to finish the scratch, and I said that I hadn't hit 3,000 miles yet, so I would schedule the oil change when it was time. Sure, she said.


I schedule my oil change for today, when it is most convenient for me. I also want to have the rest of the scratch taken care of. And the salesman says that it's been six months, and the scratch had to be taken care of within ninety days. It would have been nice had anyone told me this. He does have a bottle of touch-up paint for me, though!

As I drive down, I have imaginary conversation after imaginary conversation bitching this guy out. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask him to paint a little scratch that was on the new car that he sold me. It's not as if it's been exacerbated since. I told him multiple times that I'd get it done along with my first oil change, and he never clarified that my first oil change better be within ninety days, or his promise was null and void.

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