August 10th, 2009

Iroh slurpy noodles

My Day of New Fish

It was an even lazier Sunday, as smrou and barenakedjanie let me sleep past noon. But then it was time for our final adventures!
  • searching for a place to satisfy Janie's craving for eggs
  • getting to Frescro right as they closed at one and passing on the fancy-schmancy Petit Robert Bistro
  • passing an awesomely pouty little girl in a yelling standoff with her dad
  • passing her once again, this time breathing a heavy sigh after putting on her jacket
  • confusing smrou by suggesting we follow two old ladies also denied by Fresco
  • driving to Newton, a real city, since smrou excitedly recommended the famous Cabot's
  • ordering the fried haddock since a) I'd never had haddock and b) the waitress really wanted me to order fish and chips (on asking for a recommendation in chicken or fish: "My favorite is the fish and chips," on inquiring about the chicken salad being labeled "Our Specialty": "Well, it's not the fish and chips," on coming to take our orders: "Are you going to have the fish and chips?")
  • enjoying the well-fried whitefish, crispy French fries, and coleslaw
  • bucking the breakfast food trend espoused by the rest of the table, although Janie really loved her eggs and bacon and half bagel and half Belgian waffle
  • seeing a "Thanks" and a drawing of an ice cream cone on our receipt
  • eschewing the extensive assortment of desserts in favor of frozen custard at Abbott's in Needham, the first and only Abbott's in Massachusetts
  • enjoying creamy chocolate frozen custard with salted almonds in a waffle cone, paid for by smrou
  • discovering that Janie and the owner grew up within blocks of each other in Rochester
  • watching "The Palindrome Reversal Palindrome," which is still awesome
  • seeing Janie off
  • watching more Middleman special features with smrou
  • enjoying the hell out of the Javi-casts, especially the recurring question-askers and Javi's glee in saying their names
  • freaking out that the person who asked which came first, the episodes or the pop culture references, the very question I wanted answered, was named...Guildenstern
  • cringing and laughing every time someone suggested a Wendy/MM hook-up and Javi violently pooh-poohed the very notion
  • determining that Javi is quite the entertaining showrunner and one whose next show I will definitely be checking out
  • finding out my flight is delayed, giving us time to finish off the Javi-casts
  • having dinner at the Village Fish without Janie, who doesn't like fish
  • trying one of smrou's broiled scallops, which is lightly breaded and quite meaty and flavorful and the best scallop I've ever had
  • eating my first trout, which is fishier and meatier than whitefish yet still has that lack of taste characterized by whitefish
  • getting to the airport early for my delayed flight...which has become undelayed, making me on time
  • watching The Day After Tomorrow, which is surprisingly boring and does indeed feature wtf wolves and people running away from killer frost
  • ...finding my car dead because I left the headlights on for a week