August 5th, 2009

Ty Lee is prettier

And I Know They Don't Want Me to Stay

Sleepy. So sleepy! I could not even keep my eyes open for the first couple hours this morning. I am supposed to be learning about NDAs! I even resorted to drinking Pepsi for a cola kick.

Wind and Fire had skipped the cruise last night. Fire had opted to continue looking for a wedding location, whereas Wind was really intent on going until she got a phone call from a local friend at the last minute and decided to go to dinner with her instead.

Wind and Fire continued whispering to each other, now with added browsing on their iPhones. They disappeared to the bathroom right before lunch, and when I saw them on my way to lunch, I informed them, "We're lunching now," so they'd know not to go back to the lecture hall. Fire responded with an uninterested "Okay" or "Thanks," as if she were not lunching with us.

On the off-chance that my suspicion was incorrect, though, I saved her a veggie sandwich since it was the only kind she could eat and there were only a few available. Earth, however, confirmed my suspicion that Wind and Fire had gone out to lunch. Without me. Even though we had all been talking about it yesterday. I tried to hide my bitterness and disappointment. At least the lovely lady with the sexy glasses joined us for lunch. Maybe she can be Heart.

This was not the Drug Safety Task Force. They were an established duo in an established trio with no interest in a new trio or a quartet. Perhaps I had imagined the last two days of noncommital bonding.

At least Wind remembered my observation about three trains going one direction for every one in the other...which I had made when discussing plans to go out to lunch yesterday. I know, I'm so high-maintenance, I want to be included in things and noticed occasionally. Plus, it would have been a rare experience of Doing Things with Indian People. Help me Be More Indian, Indian girls!

I met bostonben, who is not Indian, for dinner at Douzo, where we discussed work, the politics and etiquette of Facebooking people you work with, fannishness, Comic-Con, the VM4, Boston vs. San Francisco, and the weather.

I had salmon spring rolls, an Alligator Roll (shrimp tempura, eel, and crab with chili sauce), a spicy tuna roll with brown rice, and, on the waitress's recommendation, banana tempura (banana tempura with ginger syrup, candied walnuts, little mandarin oranges, and a cute little scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side). The Alligator Roll was an interesting mix of flavors and textures, and the spicy tuna had a very good, strong flavor. Also, I totally pulled the "My Coke is really watery; can I have another one?" shit. Look, my dinner costs $56; I expect my $2 Coke to be crisp and refreshing.

And now I have watched Leverage, currently set in Boston, while I am in Boston! They even mentioned the Charles River, which I was totally on last night! If only I was on Parker last night...