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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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July 6th, 2009

10:06 pm - If You Like All Things Mini, You'll Love This Post
So, as none of you may recall, I posted a poll with movies I needed to clear off my DVR. Now, over five months later, I have watched them all! Let's talk.

Howl's Moving Castle: A-Collapse )

Monster House: B-Collapse )

Millions: ACollapse )

Miller's Crossing: B/B+Collapse )

A Scanner Darkly: C+Collapse )

Natural Born Killers: C+Collapse )

The Player: BCollapse )

Gosford Park: B+Collapse )

The Apartment: A+Collapse )

Syriana: BCollapse )

The Princess and the Warrior: C+/B-Collapse )

subUrbia: B/B+Collapse )

The 400 Blows: DCollapse )

Great Expectations: B-Collapse )

Spellbound: B/B+Collapse )

What movies can you look forward to agreeing and disagreeing with me on? Here's a look at coming attractions. Vote for ones you recommend!

As before, it's quite the eclectic mixCollapse )
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