May 21st, 2009

Boomer Bluth

I'd Listen to the Words He'd Say

A couple weeks ago, danea forwarded me this Tweet (that's what you call those things, right?) about someone looking for someone to write a review of Star Trek for a Science Channel blog. I linked her to some of my favorite LJ movie reviews, and she really liked them, but she had already found someone for Star Trek!

So I asked her if she needed anyone to review the new Terminator movie. And she did! ME!

Behold, my Terminator Salvation review on, like, an official blog-type thing!! It's a little more spoilery than I'd normally be in my uncut reviews here but not even as spoilery as some critics' reviews (cough, Ebert). It's safe to read unless you want to go in totally blind. The movie opens today! Go see it! I really liked it! Maybe my review will improve its dreadful Rotten Tomatoes rating (currently 35%).

Heather likes me and my reviews, so I hope to write some more for the site, which would be pretty cool. And I'm using my real name and not linking here so I can show it off without people tracking me down online. I need to establish an online presence that's not connected to my Polter-Cow persona.

(Also, she's sending me a free T-shirt. I LOVE FREE T-SHIRTS!)

(ETA: If you like the review, feel free to leave a comment and make me look popular!)