May 17th, 2009

Appa bonding

Maybe We're the Ones Who Need to Be Locked in the Zoo

If you haven't heard, Chuck and Dollhouse have been renewed, and The Sarah Connor Chronicles is, as expected, pretty much dead on toast.

Today, I went to the San Francisco Zoo! With Lisa (danea) and Rick (ellric) and Seanan (cadhla) and Cat (ceolyn) and a couple of Seanan's co-workers. Do you like animals? ANIMALS ARE PRETTY COOL! Here, have a zoo picspam.

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Then I met April (aprilbegins) for dinner at Herbivore, where she had some really good-looking soft tacos and I had a very tasty, waiter-recommended soy chicken shawarma. HOW CAN FAKE MEAT TASTE SO GOOD? It tasted better than the fake real meat I had for lunch. After dinner, I bought her gelato, as I do, and then we bummed around at Half-Price Books, which I have discovered does have a good selection of graphic novels! I dropped her off at the airport, and there was much hugging.

In conclusion, today I saw turtles fucking.