May 4th, 2009

Ew! Gross!

Comics omoo Has Sent Me That Are Not Very Good

This one time latropita was getting rid of books, and she sent me a couple that I really liked.

Sometimes, however, there's a reason someone is getting rid of something. Which is what I discovered when omoo very kindly sent me a couple graphic novels.

I was very interested in La Perdida, by Jessica Abel, since I was in my comic memoir phase at the time. Although it's not a memoir, it's based on the author's personal experience and is memoir-esque. On the surface, it sounds interesting: a half-Mexican woman goes to Mexico to get more in touch with her cultural heritage. It was pretty well regarded.


I wanted to give it up halfway through the second issue because I was so bored. I just didn't care about anything! All the characters were annoying, and nothing fucking happened. Each issue seemed to be nothing more than the main character pissing off some new friend she makes, and since the story is from her perspective, it almost seems like you're supposed to feel sorry for the fact that she runs into so many assholes, but maaaaaybe she's the real problem here. She's so concerned with having an "authentic" experience that she can't accept the fact that she is not authentic, and it is not only impossible but insulting to step into another culture and pretend you're one of them.

There were small moments here and there where I saw the story I thought it was going to be, but they were few and far between. I thought it would be an interesting discussion of culture clashes and finding your cultural identity and appreciating your heritage and all that business, but instead it was just a boring-as-shit series of occurrences that don't provoke any emotional reactions. And the last couple issues were such a bizarre place to take the story. I have no idea what the hell she was trying to say with all that. Mexico is violent and dangerous? That is the ultimate point of this story, what? If I were one to throw things across the room, I would have done so.

This is the worst graphic novel I have ever read, hands down. Anyone want it? I can't get rid of it fast enough. Thankfully, omoo does not mind, as she did the same thing!

She also sent me Ocean, by Warren Ellis, who is one of those big names in comics like Grant Morrison that I haven't gotten into yet. It was pretty neat. It reminded me a little of Sunshine in that it's intelligent science fiction that ends up turning into an action movie. The basic premise is that a hundred years in the future, we discover caskets in the ocean of Europa, and these caskets contain...DEAD ALIEN BODIES! And there's a big giant mechanical weapon or something. And in the future, Microsoft has taken over the world and become DOORS. I read it a while ago; the details are fuzzy. But anyway, Samuel L. Jackson goes up to investigate the shenanigans with a ragtag crew of space misfits, and then there's a conspiracy and everything blows up or whatever. You know, the usual.

I enjoyed it, but it was nothing special, especially from a name like Warren Ellis. It's basically a decent sci-fi flick in comic form.

I present this post as evidence that I do not, in fact, OMG LOVE everything.