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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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April 25th, 2009

12:01 am - The Cow and the Kiwi
One of the crazy things about the Internet is that you can get to know people in other countries, and other countries are far away and you may never get to meet them. So when I heard that ora_wai (Sarah) was stopping in SF on her grand tour of the States from New Zealand (kroki_refur, where the crap are you? Are you in Auckland? She is in Auckland!), I hoped we could meet up. She was only here for a few days, so we made plans to meet for dinner on Wednesday. She was staying at the Union Square Plaza Hotel right across from A.C.T., and Max's was right down the street and would be a good San Francisco place to eat. I said I'd meet her in the lobby at 6:00.

I was a few minutes late, but she wasn't there yet either. I waited a few minutes and then poked my head into Max's to see if she'd maybe gone directly there. She wasn't there, so I went back to the lobby and waited some more. I asked the guy at the desk whether there was another Union Square Plaza Hotel and checked to see whether Sarah was staying there. She was, room 309. I called up using the courtesy phone. No answer. I went up and knocked on her door. No answer. I waited some more. I walked outside. I sent her a text. I waited some more. The guy thought she was avoiding me. Finally, over half an hour, I gave up and went home.

As it turned out, she had been in Max's! But sitting inside at a table! Goddammit, I should have been crazy enough to check inside. She'd waited for me for even longer than I'd waited. She had a grilled cheese sandwich. Her cell phone wasn't getting signal, so she didn't even receive my text. Meeting up with international travelers is harrowing! We decided to attempt to meet up on Thursday, and this time she would meet me in the hotel lobby at 6:30.

Meanwhile, I called ariiadne to see whether there was any possible way to satisfy Sarah's desire to have pumpkin pie, which she considered quintessentially American. She recommended Mission Pie, but I had already called and been told that it was not in season. Jess noted that pie in general was pretty American. And then, when I mentioned that Sarah was vegetarian, she recommended taking her to Papalote, home of an excellent marinated tofu burrito. I'd once had a pretty good soyrizo burrito there. It sounded like a plan!

Phase One: Acquire burrito, make fun of accents, explain foodCollapse )

Phase Two: Intercept pie, examine the true nature and culture thereofCollapse )

Phase Three: Gather reconnaissance, inspect currency, watch televisionCollapse )
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