March 19th, 2009

Vincent? Is that you?

You Know We're Never Gonna Survive Unless

In discussing last night's Lost, toastandtea made the best comment about the show ever:
How does every episode keep having multitudes of crazy things happening?!? How have they not run out of craziness yet??!? THIS SHOW.
I am amazed as well! And then I compared the show to Battlestar Galactica in that on Lost, the crazy seems to make sense. It feels like pieces falling into place, whereas, having watched The Last Frakkin' Special, I know for sure that Ron Moore just makes it up as he goes along. He comes up with OMGWTF moments and jams them into the narrative, which can be an effective strategy and, admittedly, is sort of what the first few seasons of Lost were like. And I can enjoy and appreciate that sort of story well enough. But with Lost, I feel confident that they have these last three seasons planned out, and they're doing a damned admirable job of making it look like the first three seasons were just as planned out with the way they're integrating things from past seasons into the larger story.

(sophia_helix and I independently assigned the credit for Lost's revival of awesomeness to Brian K. Vaughan, and we are both bewildered that more people have not just come out and said it. I do not believe that the timing of his joining the writing staff, the negotiation of an end date, and the immediate improvement in the show is a coincidence.)

You know what other show pulls a lot of crazy shit? Heroes. In fact, it tends to pull a lot of the same crazy shit, using the same Storytelling Element Lost has introduced in full-force this season (I'm trying to stay vague for the benefit of lodessa, who is in the enviable position of getting to mainline the show from the beginning while being largely unspoiled). When Heroes does it at this point, we groan. But when Lost does it, we get more excited! Again, we trust the crazy on Lost now.

I don't really have a point, exactly, except that Lost is awesome.