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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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March 1st, 2009

02:43 am - WonderCon 2009, Day 2: Meeting Famous People
Day 2 was to be more eventful than Day 1, as usual! Saturday is serious business at WonderCon. I would see a lot more costumes, for one. When I boarded the BART train, I sat across from a girl dressed as the Comedian. She and her friend noticed my WonderCon bag and asked me which stop to get off at. I know these things.

The Exhibit Hall: Famous folks on the floor!Collapse )

Watchmen: Watchmen Watchmen Watchmen!!!Collapse )

And now for a couple hours of FAIL!Collapse )

Adam Baldwin!Collapse )

Felicia Day!!!!!!1111111Collapse )

Terminator Salvation: McG wants you fuckers to clap the fuck up!Collapse )

100 Bullets: No one cares about this but me!Collapse )

Unfortunately, I missed all dinner plans, but I got Jack in the Box when I came home. Oh snap, recession.

In nine hours, I'm going to be in the press room! EXCITING.
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Current Music: Guster - Fa Fa

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