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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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February 28th, 2009

01:14 am - WonderCon 2009, Day 1: Letdown and Smackdown
It's time once again for WonderCon! My Friday was not as jam-packed and eventful as last year's because I had to attend a department off-site, but luckily, said off-site was less than a mile from Moscone Center! So during the afternoon break, I could totally walk down and start WonderConning early!

The Exhibit Hall, Part 1Collapse )

The Exhibit Hall, Part 2Collapse )

Spotlight on Brian AzzarelloCollapse )

Wonder WomanCollapse )

I could still barely walk, but I hobbled over to BART as I coordinated with allsunday regarding where and when we'd meet tomorrow. In the station, I ran into one of the women who'd asked a question at the panel; she was talking about That Guy at the WW panel, and I chimed in. She went a different way, and I was left with the two guys she was walking with, and I told them what to check out on the floor the next day. One of them had made a movie, and his friend handed me a card to promote it: Back Issues: The Movie.

Tomorrow: much more craziness in store!
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