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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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January 26th, 2009

09:32 pm - Justice and Retribution Are Nothing But Ephemeral Fantasies for the Pawns in a Game of Power
So it turns out you guys love commenting about racism. Almost as much as you like commenting about fish. If I wrote a post about a racist fish, it would get a gazillion comments. ("Are you going back to your ocean?")

There is no new Monday night TV this week, so you get a hodgepodge post instead.

If you haven't heard the sad news, Kim Manners died of lung cancer last night. Don't know who he is? You should, especially if you're an X-Files or Supernatural fan. He directed more episodes of those shows (52 and 17, respectively) than anyone else. He was talented and well-loved, and he'll be missed.

I just finished watching The 10th Kingdom, an epic TV miniseries from the year 2000 that I believe has quite the cult following. It has a very "Fractured Fairy Tales" sensibility, creating a world post-Happily Ever After, a land where Snow White and Red Riding Hood and Cinderella and so on all coexisted. Plus all your standard fairies and trolls and goblins and dwarves and magic and such. Throw in some hapless New Yorkers pulled into an epic quest by a magical dog (I'm not even kidding), and you've got yourself a good time. The cast is fairly notable, too. Kimberly Williams is the pretty, spunky heroine, and John Larroquette is her buffoon of a dad. And they're joined by Scott Cohen (Max Medina of Gilmore Girls fame) as a half-wolf trying to reform. Plus, Rutger Hauer as an evil Huntsman! The whole thing is horrendously cheesy at times, but it's also pretty clever sometimes with the ways it weaves in the various fairy tales. And it's surprisingly dirty for a Hallmark Entertainment movie; you have a troll exclaiming, "Suckin' elf!" and "He can go suck an elf!" the whole time, and a bartender makes reference to a "Long Slow Spell Up Against the Wall." It's generally a pretty fun adventure that's not as subversive as, say, Fables and that reveres the lore more than it plays with it, but any fan of fairy tales and fantasy is likely to enjoy it.

You guys, "Since U Been Gone" is kind of a great song, right? And I kind of dig "Behind These Hazel Eyes," too, mostly the chorus. And how awesome is the bridge of "Addicted"? What the hell, Kelly Clarkson. I'm not supposed to like you and your American Idol ways! Except I kind of like Chris Daughtry too. Curse you, Pandora, for giving me this secret shame! Okay, not so secret anymore. Er.

OBSERVATION: THERE ARE A LOT OF CUTE GIRLS AT TRADER JOE'S. Both behind the register and in the store. What's up with that?

You know what this post needs? What all posts need: A POLL. See, I have a ton of movies saved on my DVR that I need to watch, but I don't know what to watch first or whether I should just delete some since I'll never actually watch them (the oldest have been on there since March 2007). So vote for the movies you think I really should see so I know how to prioritize my viewing.

Poll #1338254 Help me clear out my DVR!

What movies should I watch?

The 400 Blows
The Apartment
Gosford Park
Great Expectations [Cuarón]
Howl's Moving Castle
Miller's Crossing
Monster House
Natural Born Killers
The Player
The Princess and the Warrior
A Scanner Darkly
Spellbound [Hitchcock]

I also have Die Hard and Silence of the Lambs saved because I saw them a long time ago and would probably appreciate them more now.

Relatedly, here's a fun recap/review of The Princess Bride. Good goddamn, that's a fantastic movie.
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