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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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January 12th, 2009

02:02 am - Golden Globe Sunday
It doesn't quite have the ring of "Super Bowl Sunday," does it? I spent it down in Belmont.

My cousin needed to get a Newberry book for a book report, so I recommended The Westing Game, which I had recently been talking about with someone for some reason or another. The San Carlos branch had only one copy, and I decided to pick up a copy from the Belmont branch on the way back because, hell, I hadn't read the book since I was a kid and I wanted to re-read it. It took me about four hours (by which time my twelve-year-old cousin wasn't even up to page 30), and it is still as fiendishly clever as I remember. I still remembered most of the big surprises, but I had forgotten most of the details, so it was still a good read. It blew my mind when I was a kid, but it all seems so obvious to my older, more astute mind...that already knows the ending. Anyway, if you're a fan and you've been wondering whether it holds up, the answer is a definite yes.

Then, the Globes!

Cut for Golden Globes spoilers, as if you won't already know who won by the time you see this postCollapse )

To follow up a celebration of great art, I watched 2 Fast 2 Furious, which has to have one of the most ridiculous sequel titles in history. I enjoyed The Fast and the Furious, which I'd had a strange desire to see for years, and I'm making my way through the movies in preparation for the fourth one, which just removes the articles. This one wasn't really as interesting as the first one, which had pretty engaging characters, but it did have appearances by people I knew from TV shows, and that's always fun. Sucre! Harry Morgan! Ramon Prado! Also, it had one pretty ridiculous and awesome stunt at the end.

Fine, in order to restore my cred, I'll also note that I checked out Danny Boyle's first movie, Shallow Grave, the other night. It was certainly interesting to see the Ninth Doctor a decade younger and not being like the Doctor at all. And it was Ewan McGregor's first movie! Look at all that hair! I suppose it was a good movie, but it made me feel bad about everything.
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