January 10th, 2009

Tea or poison?

Ice to Meet You

Event attended: Stacey [chasethestars] and Nicole [iseebi] turn 25 and 26!
Years since I last ice skated, which was the first time I ever ice skated: 8
Number of times I fell: 37 ± 10
Number of times I fell today: 1
Observations: Skating requires a lot of exertion, the fact that I am knock-kneed sure doesn't help me keep my feet straight, I love turning the best because you only have to keep track of one leg, feet were not built to balance on a couple blades
Shirt worn for the first time, garnering the reaction "That guy has a cool shirt" from Mark (xb95), Janine's (janinedog) fiancé, who did not know I was part of the group: Hyperbole
Unexpected metaphor from a ten-year-old girl: "She's never going to leave the ledge, she's going to be on the ledge for the rest of her life!"
Fingers jammed on rail a mere five minutes before the hour of skating with only one fall was over: 1

Number of people in cab to the Stinking Rose: 5
Number of people in various other cabs: 8
Number of people in group I had met before: 2
Quizzical area of expert knowledge: Animal movies
Sources of garlic eaten: Roasted garlic cloves spread on foccacia bread; extra virgin olive oil with a touch of garlic; bread dipped in Patti's (mcpatti) roasted garlic potato onion soup; gnocchetti with garlic Gorgonzola, asparagus, and toasted pine nuts
Source of garlic not eaten: Garlic ice cream
Most successful joke of the night:
Me, seeing that Nick's black linguine is, in fact, black: "Maybe it's made from the ground-up remains of people who were very evil, who had black souls."
Jesse (jproulx), making a very good joke: "Are you eating soul food?"
Me, making a lesser follow-up joke: "Yeah, it's from south Italy."
Patti, as our side of the table cracks up: "That was so good."
Number of penises that can be made from 5 gnocchetti and 3 bits of asparagus: 2, and 1 Lance Armstrong

Taffy tried at Z. Cioccolato: Chocolate with mint and cayenne
Item not bought at Z. Cioccolato: Chocolate thong

Gelato eaten at Gelato Classico: Key lime pie and dark chocolate

Fullness level: EXTREME