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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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January 7th, 2009

12:41 am - The Houstonian New Year Transition
2008 had been a good year for meeting Internet friends, so it was only fitting that on the last day of the year, I met mcfeste! She had finally found me on Facebook, and I learned that she was also in Arlington for the holidays, so we took advantage of our proximity (despite our both living in California) to meet in the flesh.

Like the last time I'd been home, I required an obligatory Potbelly visit, so here was an excuse, since she had never been. She ran late, so I entertained myself with the assortment of books by the waiting line. Like a couple crossword puzzle mysteries, where you had to solve crossword puzzles to get clues or something. It was a whole series, like, this detective duo just happens to find all these murders where clues are left in the form of crossword puzzles. There was also a book starring Benjamin Franklin, detective.

I also thought it fitting to close out 2008 with fish, so I tried the tuna salad, which was sadly unimpressive. mcfeste got the turkey, but she got it without peppers, which is crazy because the peppers are what make Potbelly sandwiches so good! What makes Potbelly the establishment so good is the live music. There was a guy with a guitar singing covers that took a while to recognize sometimes since they were so out of context. Around the same time, we both heard him sing, "You shook me all night long," and realized he was doing...AC/DC. I mused that he could do anything in that style. I wanted to ask him to do some Marilyn Manson, light and acoustic. "It's not your fault that you're always wrong, the weak ones [are there to] justify the strong. The beautiful people, the beautiful people." mcfeste was impressed that I knew the lyrics off the top of my head (not realizing I had fucked them up a bit). It's fun to turn metal songs into acoustic ballads! Let's try Disturbed: "Come on, get down with the sickness." Everybody sing along!

Our time was short, as I had to get back home, but we made sure to take a picture to prove we met each other. To my surprise, she attacked me from behind:

That's what she saidCollapse )

Although no one but my dad wanted to go, we were driving down to Houston to visit his brother and family (as well as his dad, who was staying with them). I hoped to make the best of it and see one of the many people I knew in Houston, but it was hard to coordinate a meeting on such short notice (we thought we'd gotten out of the trip when my mom pulled her back). I did make contact with one person, however! If I told you who it was, though, it would ruin the surpri—oh, it was eirefaerie. Again, through Facebook! You magical website, you.

There was no convention in Houston, but we went there anyway and did the sort of things Indians do. Except for the part where I cavorted with a white chick.Collapse )
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