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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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December 9th, 2008

01:11 am - I Lied to My Own Webcam
It's that time of year again! Holiday Love Meme! Say nice things about me, please. And if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all make something up. It's anonymous! Behold the glory of the Internet.

Relatedly, one of the women we work with in Brazil was in town for a conference, so we took her out to lunch. It was really cool to meet her after only communicating via e-mail for over a year. She showed us some pictures of the other people we'd been e-mailing, so that was neat. And she was excited to see us, too, for the same reason. Everyone else in Brazil was jealous that she got to meet us. (murphy987: "It's like a work internet meet-up!")

I had duck enchiladas. They were pretty good. Not as amaaaaazing as I had hoped, but good. I also had French onion soup, jalapeño cornbread, and tuna tartare with fried green tomatoes. I'd never had tartare before; I had no idea that's what it was like. I always assumed steak tartare was steak with tartar sauce or something.

Dinner was a little less high-class, however: burritos! gymble and her husband were back in town, so we grabbed dinner and came back to my apartment to "watch stuff." Before the Monday night lineup started, I showed them The Guild on DVD, which is just as hilarious the third time around (and I caught some new jokes) and has renewed my mad crush on Felicia Day. (Neither one of them seemed to express actual interest in watching it when I showed them the box, but I forced it on them anyway; luckily, they were laughing their asses off almost immediately.) I followed it up with the two episodes of season two (new episode tomorrow!).

And now, to the television talk!

DexterCollapse )

The Sarah Connor ChroniclesCollapse )

ChuckCollapse )

How I Met Your MotherCollapse )

HeroesCollapse )
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