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November 2nd, 2008 - The Book of the Celestial Cow — LiveJournal

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November 2nd, 2008

11:38 pm - Kentucky Fried Writing, Part 1: Original Recipe
How many of you read my account of the American Medical Writers Association Annual Conference in Atlanta last year? Don't lie! I know who you aren't. I really liked the post and think you should read it if you haven't, especially because a handful of characters from the post will be making appearances in this one, which is about the AMWA Annual Conference in Louisville. It was a different experience from last year since I was no longer a newbie; I ended up befriending newbies instead. In addition to reconnecting with people I'd met at other conferences. But there was also fun, non-professional stuff mixed in, like meeting teapot37 and seeing Tracy Morgan! Er, spoiler warning?

Day 1: Who did I meet on the flight? What story did I read? Who will I be hanging out with the rest of the conference?Collapse )

Day 2: Who ARE these newbies, really? Who liked my story? What sort of television do medical writers watch?Collapse )

Day 3: Who did I eat with? Who is a better bowler, a cooking vessel or a spectral bovine? How does it feel to meet a TV star?Collapse )

The best is yet to come, my friends. Tune in tomorrow to see what happens when medical writers go out to lunch, 30 Rock fans go see Tracy Morgan, and nerds go to a science museum.
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