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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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October 21st, 2008

01:17 am - Serial Killer, Supermodels, Spies, Stella, Skynet, Speedster
On this, my last night at home, I was reminded that we have Skinemax Cinemax, as I caught a glimpse of the title Passion Cove 2: Deep Desires on the guide. So I scurried upstairs to the master bedroom and locked the door to catch a little soft porn on the same big screen TV on which I had surreptitiously watched soft porn late at night as a teenager. I had just watched Chuck and Heroes with my little sister earlier, so I was expecting to have to bring up the guide to find the right channel.

I was a little surprised when the TV turned on and showed me a naked woman. Because it was already tuned to the channel.

And the only possible person who would have been watching the TV in my parents' bedroom after us was my dad.


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