September 12th, 2008

Pam of Pain

Three Cubed

Things Making My Life Intolerable:
  • My co-worker quit, so I've had to take on about half her responsibilities until we find a replacement.
  • Plus I have to teach my other co-worker how to do things and get a new co-worker up to speed on how we do things.
  • We are a small group of approximately four people, and I am the most experienced in what needs to be done, so I feel responsible for everything.
  • Subsequently, the last couple weeks have been insane and chaotic and dense and overwhelming and aaaaaaah.
  • The AMWA conference is coming up, and I seriously don't even have time to do the homework for my workshops at work. I'll likely have to do it on my own time.
  • I am trying to be clever and save money by attaching a visit home to my trip to Phoenix for a project management course, but there's something weird with travel agent invoices that is screwing up my brilliant plan.
  • My comic book store doesn't have volumes 5 and 7 of Runaways in yet, and the library is having issues getting them to a library near me. I would just buy them at Borders, but I'm trying to support my local comic book store since I go there and read comics off the shelves without buying them.
  • My car appears to be a fucking death trap that's going to explode one day, given that it now leaks gas if I overfill the tank.
  • I want to buy a car but I don't even know where to begin.
  • My uncle is convinced that my car right now will last me two more years until it once again fails the smog check miserably and that car prices are about to plunge and that what I should really be doing is BUYING A FUCKING HOUSE OH MY FUCKING GOD SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT BUYING A MOTHERFUCKING HOUSE.
  • I want a ridiculous and adorable wife. The prospect of this wish coming to fruition seems less and less likely as days go by.
  • I want to write something new to read at the AMWA conference, but all I do is read and watch other people's work instead of creating my own. I think an idea has recently taken hold of me, but I don't know what to do with it. Also, I'm supposed to write a book or something so I can become famous.
  • I haven't exercised in months and I have a disgusting stomach bulge.
  • The new Facebook.

Things Making My Life Tolerable:
  • Rewatching Spaced with the Homage-O-Meter on.
  • Runaways, which I am loving like a two-dollar whore. Brian K. Vaughan, please be my friend.
  • Cute girls are cute.
  • Being able to walk into my neighbors' apartment and discuss books and comics and Neil Gaiman for half an hour.
  • Robots, explosions, and car flips, oh my!
  • Watching The Incredibles in Dolores Park with Rachel (harriettheelf), Heidi, and Co.
  • Rachel hugs.
  • Last name Batman, first name Goddamn.
  • Seeing Pineapple Express for free at the Parkway tomorrow.
  • Birthday gifts and cards and e-mails and Wall posts.
  • This space intentionally left blank.