September 6th, 2008

Scorpius red

Trent Reznor and the Oracle of Fire

Two weeks ago, I saw Beck and Radiohead. One week ago, I saw a bunch of bands including the Indigo Girls. Last night, I saw NINE INCH NAILS.

You guys, I am a huge Nine Inch Nails fan. #1! I believe I have more NIN mp3s than any other. It helps that there are a bunch of remixes. But The Downward Spiral was one of the first CDs I ever owned. I think I first heard "Closer" on a tape in India. I remember kids in junior high making fun of some guy wearing a NIN shirt, thinking he was a poseur whose favorite song was likely to be "Closer." I learned all about Halos from a guy I knew at the M.D. Anderson summer program. I bought a new Downward Spiral disc from Half-Price Books when my first one got scratched. I own every full album, plus extras like Broken and Further Down the Spiral. What I am saying is, I really love Nine Inch Nails and was very excited to see them live.

But first, some pre-show entertainment! I met Rick and the illustrious Cortney for dinner at Le Cheval, and then we BARTed down to Oracle Arena, where we followed all the people in black shirts. In true duchessdogberry fashion, however—appropriate since I was also wearing a black shirt, my TCBUMFHNEMC shirt—I took a couple pictures of interesting things.

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The opening band was Deerhunter, and they were all right. They had a nice sound, but...that's all they had. Sound. Their songs weren't songular. They were more atmospheric and ambient, with some words tossed in now and then, like Explosions in the Sky meets Bright Eyes. Hilariously, one of their influences is Liars. Of note, they had a chick guitarist! Usually if there's one girl in the band, she's the bassist (or the singer). I'd never seen a chick guitarist. She totally rocked out at the end of the set like she was the sprite in Guitar Hero.

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It had been an awesome fucking show—oh, man, I totally forgot to mention that we felt an earthquake during the, our seats swayed back and forth for a couple seconds. They spanned the NIN catalogue, although the setlist was surprisingly Fragile-light, with only one real song from those two discs' worth of material. Still, it helps that I love the majority of their songs, so it would have been hard to put together a disappointing setlist. I love NIN and think Trent is awesome even more now. I'd always heard he put on a great show, but holy shit. You've got some competition, Radiohead. Look, if you didn't bother clicking on individual song links, at least watch this little montage of the visual effects for this tour.

I no longer have a face because it has been rocked clean off. My life feels sad and hollow now that I am not rocking out with Nine Inch Nails. If you are interested in joining me in industrial rock electronica bliss, I pretty much have every NIN song there is, so let's talk.