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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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August 31st, 2008

11:04 pm - The Heart and Sole of Oakland
Does anyone remember my Oakland Art and Soul Festival report from last year? Or two years ago? It's a Labor Day tradition, people.

Five bands for ten dollars, once again. Except it was really four, since I had zero desire to see one of them. And one of them was a surprise, since Darker My Love had a family emergency. So the opener was now that exciting, omnipresent band, TBA. I love those guys.

I wore that shirt once again. When I boarded BART, a woman walking out smiled at me and said, "I like your T-shirt!" The first of many, I assumed at the time, but, in fact, not a single person in the target audience said anything. I saw their eyes perhaps reading it and appreciating it, but I didn't know. They were like people who don't comment on posts.

Near the main stage was the Live105 booth. This year, they had a spinny wheel for fabulous prizes like Movie Swag, CD Singles, and...Compliments! High-Fives! Jokes! I landed on Movie Swag, but the Movie Swag all sucked, so that was no use. I would have taken a compliment! I like compliments!

The Trophy FireCollapse )

The Action DesignCollapse )

The WombatsCollapse )

The MatchesCollapse )

Getting off BART at Macarthur, I witnessed a curious incident. When the doors opened, the people waiting to get on starting boarding before those of us who wanted to get off could do so. A man in his late forties or so commented, "Let us get off before you get on," as he disembarked.

A man in his thirties—one of those trying to get on—turned to him and said, "Piss off, dude. Don't be an asshole."

The first man turned back and walked toward him, calmly responding, "That's not necessary."

I didn't stay to see what happened next, but I was sort of aghast at the actual asshole's complete obliviousness to and/or utter ignorance of the fact that he was, in fact, the asshole in this situation. Did he learn nothing from the music of the future? Be excellent to each other.

Today, I made history by returning to the Oakland Art and Soul Festival, just so this post could be twice as long. Also, to see the Indigo Girls with Rachel (harriettheelf) and Heidi.

The BART was even more packed than it had been the day before. On the way, a girl commented on my awesome green pants. "I've never seen corduroys that color before," she said.

"Neither have I," I replied, "so I had to get them. They were calling me."

"They're the same color as my balls," she said softly. That's what I heard at first, but then I realized she must have said walls.

On the way up and out of the station, another girl said she liked my Tegan and Sara shirt. She asked if I'd gone to their show, and I said I hadn't, but I'd seen them many years ago at Cafe du Nord, back when you could see them for seven or eight bucks. And they sold shirts on their website to fund the video for "Living Room," so that's how I'd gotten this shirt. I didn't add that I was one of about 200 people in the world who possessed such a shirt and that my name had been on the website for a time. I did add, because how could I stop talking to a Tegan and Sara fan while I was wearing a Tegan and Sara shirt, that I hadn't even heard anything by them when I saw them, but you couldn't go wrong for seven bucks. She agreed, good or bad, it's worth it. Just so you could complain about it, I said. "'Man, I went to this awful show!'"

Dear InduguCollapse )

The Beautiful LosersCollapse )

Matt NathansonCollapse )

Indigo GirlsCollapse )

I'm pretty sure I ended up part-lesbian by the end of the concert. So I guess I thought the girls at Trader Joe's were even cuter?
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