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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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August 27th, 2008

12:30 am - And Teach You How to Be a Holy Cow
The first week of July, Cynda (arbitrarium) totally left California. But she missed me way too much to stay away for long! Either that or she really wanted to see Radiohead in Golden Gate Park. And get some papers signed to finalize her divorce. And collect her stuff. And...whatever her reasons, she came back for a spell Wednesday night, BFF Kylie (stella_hime) in tow.

I picked them up from the airport. On the way back, we listened to Loveline. One of the callers wondered how often one should have anal sex, as if it was to be reserved for special occasions like birthdays and holidays. Anal sex would become a theme of the weekend. But not like that. Or that. (I don't know what the "Or that" could be, but there are some dirty people out there.)

Cynda introduced Kylie to my apartment. Kylie was not just there to lend her moral support; this was the furthest west she had ever been, and Cynda wanted to show this Oklahoman how awesome her life in California had been, minus the crappy husband. She would put it in just those terms later, and I suggested that it should be the new state motto—"California: It's Awesome, Even with a Crappy Husband!"

California was made a little bit more awesome by Kylie's presence in it. Kylie was an English major like me and was delighted that I pointed out Cynda's misplaced modifier. Kylie constantly compared situations to movie scenes. Kylie ruled.

We spent some time coming up with a game plan for the weekend. There were many things on the docket. Whatever they wanted to do on Thursday while I was at work, Indian food and caramel appletinis with Lisa (danea) and Rick (ellric) Thursday night, some sort of activities on Friday, Outside Lands Friday night (Beck! Radiohead!), and whatever would fit in Saturday morning before they left for home. Somewhere in there, we had to find time to watch The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. And sometime before the concert, we had to take care of Serious Business, since The Artist Soon to Be Formerly Known as Mr. arby was in possession of Cynda's ticket. Or mine. Depending on how you looked at it.

We decided to stick the movie in Friday morning, pajama party-style, as opposed to Saturday morning, when I predicted we'd want to sleep in after coming home tired from the concert. And it seemed the only slot for Serious Business was Thursday before we met Lisa and Rick.

Cynda was worried about how she would react and how she would feel seeing him again and the idea of getting the papers signed at a Taco Bell and the possibility of tainted memories, but Kylie and I assuaged her fears and told her it would all be okay. That's what we were there for.

I only had two pillows in my apartment. Kylie had claimed my couch and the pillow designated for the futon upon which Cynda would sleep, so I let Cynda have the pillow from my bed. I could rough it! But Cynda was operating on Central Time and always ended up waking a little earlier than I did, so she would pop into my bedroom each morning and toss me the pillow. So I'd get an hour or so of pillow time.

Serious Business and Non-Serious PleasureCollapse )

The Movie, the Lunch, the Ice Cream, and...the Mops?Collapse )

To Golden Gate Park we go!Collapse )

Garden burgers! Beck!! RADIOHEAD!!!Collapse )

From Golden Gate Park we go!Collapse )

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