July 17th, 2008

River brainkiller

The Good Son

Say you live in Belmont (South Bay) and your children are flying into the Oakland airport at around 10 on a Wednesday night. You asked your nephew in Oakland if he could pick them up, but he declined, which was fine since your dad could pick them up. But about three hours before they're due to arrive, he decides he's "too tired." What do you do?

A) Get your dad to pick them up anyway. They're his grandchildren, after all.

B) Go pick them up yourself. They're your kids, after all.

C) Have a relative in the South Bay pick them up. They're family, after all.

D) Have your nephew drive 12.4 miles to the Oakland airport, 29.2 miles to Belmont (paying the $4 toll to cross the bridge), and 34.4 miles back home. They're his cousins, after all.

If you chose D, congratulations! You're qualified to be part of my family.