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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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April 7th, 2008

02:10 am - From Shit to Skit in 48 Hours
Back in October at the AMWA conference, I discovered that at the regional conference, they always had a little skit based on a musical. Having learned of its existence, naturally, I wanted to be a part of it. What follows is the nail-biting adventure that followed.

Pre-Show: Writing the script and pre-directing the showCollapse )

Sunday: The casting couchCollapse )

Monday: The first rehearsal, the prop/costume run, the second rehearsal, and moreCollapse )

Tuesday: The third rehearsal, the fourth/dress rehearsal, and THE SHOWCollapse )

Wednesday: The kudosCollapse )


Now, I present to you The Wrik*do in all its glory. Did you read the script? Did you read this post? Do you want to hear me sing? The video is fifteen minutes long, so make some popcorn and pull up a chair. Wait for the stream to download so you can watch it one go; it won't take too long.


If you would like to keep a copy of this gem for yourself, download it here (and, er, ignore the weird Sex TV link). If you want to share it with other G&S fans, please feel free to pass the streaming link around.

As much as I complained about the things that didn't turn out right, I think it's an impressive feat that it even turned out that good in so little time with so little preparation. We medical writers can do anything when we set our minds to it!
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