March 23rd, 2008

Meg is hot

Show You Just How Good Being Touched Could Be

A pretty woman you've only known for about an hour gives you a hug and follows it up by giving you a friendly rub on the arm, and you somehow feel more validated as a person, like the time you discovered that a complimentary comment on a post came from a very pretty girl, like the time a pretty girl went from "It was nice meeting you" to "It was really nice meeting you" in the course of spending a few hours with you, like all the times you've managed to get a pretty girl who doesn't even know you to smile or laugh. It's not necessarily connected to the potential for romance (because, really, there never is), and the effect sometimes fades once you get to know the person (and they become more than just a pretty face), but the pretty women of the world, they do have a mysterious power over you, the ability to make you feel that you are better than you are, for a small moment.

In this year of many changes, it's nice to know that in some respects, you haven't changed at all.
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