March 5th, 2008

Iroh slurpy noodles

My Continuing Adventures in Fishiness

Since you guys are really interested in the Way of the Fish, I thought I'd give you an update on what I've been eating the last two months. You already know about maki sushi, tuna, tilapia, and clam, but I've experienced so much more!

Shrimp cocktail: The Breast Cancer Team had a little cooking excursion (in the very kitchen the first season of Hell's Kitchen was filmed in, no less), and one of the dishes prepared was shrimp cocktail. I decided there was no better time to try shrimp, so I scooped up the concoction (we were making Mexican food, so the cocktail was a lot of tomato and avocado and onion, etc) and put it in my mouth. And, boy, shrimp is weird. It had the strangest texture. I think I made an even funnier face than when I first ate sushi. The texture took some getting used to, but I did like the taste.

Fried calamari ring: That very night, I sampled some calamari at Trader Joe's! And it was, as reported, slightly rubbery, but good. I will resist their cephalopodean wiles no longer.

Nigiri sushi: harriettheelf took me to an organic sushi place in the Mission that served gigantic rolls (and I preferred the smaller rolls and taste of Coach Sushi), but, for the first time, I had the hardcore raw fish power of sashimi draped over rice. I forget which fish Rachel ordered (and I liked it well enough), but I ordered salmon, and HOMG SO GOOD. It was so yummy; I had expected it to be all stringy and tough, but it practically melted in my mouth.

Fish and chips: jeeperstseepers brought up Neil Gaiman's short story "Shoggoth's Old Peculiar" and linked to his reading of it, in which he mentions fish and chips, which made me want to try fish and I went to Crispy Fry and bought some. And it was sort of like eating fried mashed potatoes, but with more protein. There wasn't a lot of taste to the fish inside, but it was fried, so it was good! I also tried some tartar sauce.

Cajun catfish sandwich: I really couldn't pick catfish out of a line-up, but Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe did blacken the hell out of this thing. I guess it tasted

Crab thing: At our department off-site in Santa Fe, all the food was free! And fancy! The hors d'ouevres at the reception include some sort of crab stuff atop bread, and it was very good, although I couldn't really tell what it was. Which was good because I still don't feel like cracking a crab open with a hammer.

Smoked salmon: There was a nice spread for breakfast, and although I thought putting cream cheese on the bagel as well was weird, apparently that's how millions of New Yorkers roll, so I went with it. And it was very smoky.

Shrimp salad thing: There was a sort of bean-and-avocado salad next to the regular salad, and my co-worker said there were bits of shrimp in it, but it wasn't labelled. When I ate it, however, I recognized the taste. Which I liked.

Crab cake: Dinner was at La Casa Sena, and I chose a crab cake for an appetizer, as I had heard so much about them. And it was a little round fried thing stuffed with a crab-y mixture (not a crabby mixture, which would have disagreed with me). It was good, although I would be hard-pressed to describe what it tasted like.

Almond-coriander crusted Chilean sea bass: Unfortunately, this sounded better than it tasted. I was very sadly disappointed! The sea bass was thick, but the actual fish basically tasted like the fish in the fish and chips! There wasn't any flavor to it at all. It wasn't bad, but I had expected a lot more.

Swordfish: There was swordfish at lunch, so I hoped that it would redeem the sea bass, and it did! It tasted quite good, very different. I said it tasted like duck, and no one agreed. These are my reference points, people! It had a very "dark meat" taste to it, like it was extra fatty.

Honey mustard chipotle sautéed shrimp: It was another cooking thing, this time with a different group of people. I actually watched these shrimp get sautéed, which was interesting. They went from milky white to light orange. And then covered in a yummy sauce. They still had their tails, though, so they were a little more difficult to eat. You're not supposed to eat the tails, are you? They didn't look edible.

Fried shrimp: I had a bit from arbitrarium's fried shrimp taco at Rubio's, and things that are fried are good, aren't they.

Kung pao scallops: There was some leftover Chinese food in the lunch room, so I tried a couple bites. And they didn't really taste like anything; I guess, now that I think about, they reminded me a little of the calamari but with less flavor.

Spring rolls with shrimp: Before I ate rabbit and kangaroo, I finally had a proper spring roll with the shrimp wrapped up in rice paper. Except I couldn't really taste the shrimp at all, interestingly enough.

Lox cream cheese: I thought it was strawberry cream cheese.

That's the update, folks! It seems that I like salmon, shrimp, and swordfish. Maybe scallops. And squid. I like seafood that starts with S! Except for sea bass. But that was Chilean sea bass. Sea bass! That's right, fish. Don't you mess up my pattern.