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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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February 23rd, 2008

02:07 am - WonderCon 2008, Day 1: Of Testicles, Penises, and Nipples
Although I had been to WonderCon before, this is the first year I'm really going, taking advantage of all three days of programming and exhibiting. And I'm totally not sorry!

Bill Willingham: Plei may think he's a douche, but I think he's pretty cool!Collapse )

The Exhibit Hall: Where I meet a couple of my favorite comic writers and artists...and Seanan!Collapse )

Forgetting Sarah Marshall: In which I experience Russell Brand's comic genius in person!Collapse )

Wanted: In which I make fangirls jealous by talking to James McAvoy!Collapse )

Journey to the Center of Earth: In which Brendan Fraser could possibly be brain-dead!Collapse )

Mel's Diner: We laughed so much that we got hungry!Collapse )

Tomorrow: Camilla Belle! Steve Carell! Anne Hathaway! Narnia! Wall-E! David Duchovny! Gillian Anderson! Joshua Jackson! James Kyson Lee! John Cho! Jon Favreau! Iron Man!
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Current Music: Our Lady Peace - Automatic Flowers

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