February 12th, 2008

Life online

She Didn't Even Ask Me If I Wanted My Penis Enlarged

Wow. I just got the most fascinating and random e-mail.

From a woman studying at the University of Amsterdam.

Because of an IMDb review of Dancer in the Dark I wrote seven years ago.
I’m a student at the University of Amsterdam, and studying at the faculty of Mediastudies. It's quite a long time ago that you’ve posted your movie review on imdb.com about the movie 'Dancer in the Dark' from Lars von Trier. I found it very usefull and detailed. Then I saw you left an email address, so I felt free to mail you a question you may hopefully are able to awnser..

I’m looking for specific movie moments were an actor/actress starts to ‘make music’ or rhythm out of diegetic sounds in the movie.

Did you remember the scene in ‘Dancer in the Dark’ when Selma started dancing to the sounds she heard in the factory? Yeah? Ok. Well lets say that was obviously diegetic sound. But then Selma turns it into music by her imagination, and she starts dancing on it. That’s one example.

There’s a similar scene in Volker Schlondorff’s ‘Die Blechtrommel’. The scene I’m aiming at is the one when Oskar is looking at an marching band playing their drums. Oskar is listening obsessively and filters out his favourite drum rhythm and makes one of his own in his imagination.

Music video’s, commercials or television series were this sort of motifs are present are also very usefull to me.

Well that’s it, hope to hear from you soon.
Anyone have any suggestions? I enjoy this motif anyway, so please link me some examples! Send people over here! I want to collect a big batch to send her. The Internet was made to help Dutch media studies students!

(Unrelatedly, holy God, all my IMDb/Amazon reviews from seven years ago are still floating around on the Internet. Who is that guy? At least I still agree with him that Mission to Mars really, really sucks. (And I didn't even mention the chromosome/nucleotide fiasco!))