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February 1st, 2008 - The Book of the Celestial Cow — LiveJournal

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February 1st, 2008

09:20 am - Television Characters Who Idolize David Bowie
As seen all over your flist...

1) Make a list of 10 characters.
2) Assign each character a number.
3) Without telling anyone who's on the list or the character's assigned number, get questions from your flist about what they'd like to know about them. IE: "If 3 and 4 were trapped in a cave together with only a blanket and a toothpick, what would they do?" (The more random the better!)
4) Post the answers and who was who on the list.

1. Azula, Avatar: guessed by hobviously, daynr, modlin, eldritch_flame, gymble, r_a_l_i_g_h
2. Baltar, Battlestar Galactica: guessed by cucumbersarnies, daynr, hobviously, maxymama
3. Captain Awesome, Chuck: guessed by daynr, hobviously, maxymama
4. Dexter, Dexter: guessed by hobviously, daynr, maxymama, gymble
5. Emerson, Pushing Daisies: guessed by hobviously/latropita, maxymama, eldritch_flame, r_a_l_i_g_h
6. Tyra, Friday Night Lights: guessed by daynr, maxymama, hobviously
7. Sam, Supernatural: guessed by daynr, gymble, cucumbersarnies, eldritch_flame, hobviously/latropita, r_a_l_i_g_h
8. Pam, The Office: guessed by daynr, maxymama, hobviously, gymble, r_a_l_i_g_h
9. Kenneth, 30 Rock: guessed by cucumbersarnies, hobviously, daynr, r_a_l_i_g_h
10. Mr. Bennet/HRG, Heroes: guessed by daynr, hobviously, gymble, maxymama, cucumbersarnies, r_a_l_i_g_h, eldritch_flame

Comments will be screened to hide correct answers and incorrect guesses. Questions and answers will be unscreened to provide helpful clues. From playing the game, I know that the moment when the clues come together to point to one character is pretty awesome. I don't know what it's like on the other side!

To make things somewhat easier, there is only one character from each show, and all shows are "currently" "on the air."
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