January 21st, 2008


In Which I Attempt to Eat Tuna on Purpose

spectralbovine: Hm. I am eating Starkist Albacore tuna. It's a different experience when I don't think it's chicken salad. It smells funny, but it tastes okay, I guess.

The thing comes with mayonnaise and relish, which is odd. I don't exactly know what to do with them. I'm just putting tuna on crackers.

k_olefin: You mix the tuna with the relish and mayo to make tuna salad.

spectralbovine: But how am I supposed to do that on top of a cracker?

smrou: I have no idea--can you mix them in the can?

spectralbovine: There's no can; it's a pouch. The first cracker, I just put a dollop of each on top, and that...sort of worked.

Tasting new meat is odd.

jeeperstseepers: I'm the only person I know personally (until you, now) who eats canned tuna without mixing mayo in.

spectralbovine: Well, I didn't know how it worked! I have one last cracker. Let's try mixing this stuff in.

jeeperstseepers: Now that you've had canned tuna, you should try a fresh tuna steak to see how it's a completely different thing.

spectralbovine: We'll see about that. It's funny; the taste of tuna is so foreign to me I'm not even sure whether I like it or not. That is, I don't dislike it, but I don't know whether I actually think it has any favorable qualities.

*headTARDIS* So that's why it's called a "Mixing Spoon"!

outforawalk: This is making me laugh. A lot.

And I like seafood and don't really love canned tuna. I am amused at all your fish eating adventures.

spectralbovine: Heeeeey, now that tastes better. Good old mayonnaise.

But I'm out of crackers! *goes to get some bread*

I'm just glad that now I can stop being disappointed when I think I see chicken salad and it turns out to be tuna salad. I mean, I'll still be disappointed because I totally prefer chicken salad, but at least I'll have something to eat.