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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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December 13th, 2007

08:44 pm - Tales from the Internet
So, remember when I saw Juno and met Ellen Page? You might remember this line from that post:
Someone named Stacey was having her record a PhonePost to her journal! Hee! "Hi, Stacey's LiveJournal. This is Ellen Page. Go see Juno."

Well, yesterday, I received this comment from chasethestars. So now you, too, can listen to the PhonePost. Listen! Ellen Page sounds so cute! And I was right there while it was being recorded!

You get all that? You comprehending what just happened?

Yeah, that's right. She was behind me in fucking line. And she was at the LJ party. And she remembered me because of my shirt. Because I took the picture of the LJ staff. And she was LJ staff. Which meant she could find out my username from coffeechica. And, again, she ended up behind me in fucking line. WHAT ARE THE FUCKING ODDS?!

Do you understand the number of factors that went into this? Someone hit us with an Improbability Drive, you guys.

And it gets better. Because the reason she made a PhonePost to begin with is because she didn't have a camera, and thus there was no way to get photographic proof of meeting Ellen Page.

Right there, in the lower left corner of my picture...is her boyfriend. Who also left me a comment.

Sometimes, I love the Internet.
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