December 11th, 2007


Why You'd Want to Visit Here

This is either going to make things much easier or infinitely more complicated:

I will be in Los Angeles from December 29 through January 2. That's right, I'll be ringin' in the new year L.A.-style...if I find something fun to do on New Year's Eve. Is there anything interesting to do on New Year's in L.A.? One would think. I demand at least one awkward celebrity encounter. ("My, George Clooney, what are you doing at a McDonald's at this hour?")

Will you be in town? Leave a comment.

Do you want to see/hang out with/eat food with/kick/make out with me? Leave a comment.

Do you have suggestions on what I should do? Leave a comment.

Do you want to drive me places? Leave a comment.

Can I crash on your couch/recliner/bed/floor/lap? Leave a comment.

Have you been wanting to delurk and say hi? Leave a comment.
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