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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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October 20th, 2007

02:34 pm - The Story of AMWA 2007
Last week, I attended the American Medical Writers Association Annual Conference in Atlanta. It was a really enriching experience, full of learning and networking. The organization is very personal; it feels like a very large family. It was the first time I felt like a real medical writer, as I congregated with my peers and colleagues. Everyone had such varied backgrounds and experiences. It seemed as if very few people set out to be a medical writer; it was a profession people sort of fell into from a different path. Some people had followed paths similar to mine, which was heartening.

As so often happens when I...am alive, I began to think of the various story threads that were occurring all around me, the stories I was living, that I was a part of. Let me tell you some.

The Story of SFO and ATLCollapse )

The Story of Anansi BoysCollapse )

The Story of the Song ParodyCollapse )

The Story of the Cancer Biology WorkshopCollapse )

The Story of the MealsCollapse )

The Story of JellyvisionCollapse )

The Story of the People That Time ForgotCollapse )

The Story of Anna Banana, Lindsay Bo Bindsay, and BenCollapse )
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