September 25th, 2007

Alien tech

I Think My Viewpoint Is Needed on the Internet

Tonight, I got to have the rare experience of watching Monday night television with an LJ friend! mutinousmuse and I had dinner first, where I discovered larb, which is like taking ground chicken and soaking it in salt for a week. Then we went back to her apartment, where I was attacked by her extremely hyper dogs but not accosted by her very mellow cat or her two caged lizards. It's quite a menagerie in there.

Luckily, she had been so offline as to have not even known of the existence of all the Office goodies at Target, so she was extremely pleased with the Dwight stress ball and assortment of "I ♥ Jim" paraphernalia I had brought her, the latter of which totally matched her computer's desktop.

We waited for her husband to come home, and then it was time for the much-loved Chuck!

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And then it was time for a Nissan commercial!!

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