September 12th, 2007

Dexter creeps me out

Darkly Dreaming

I have been rewatching Dexter on DVD, and it is so, so good. It's just...enchanting, seeing the world from the perspective of this quizzical monster ostracized from society yet trying desperately to fit in, merely so that no one catches on to the fact that he doesn't belong.

I love so much about this show. I love that the city of Miami is so vibrant and alive. I love that the characters are all fully realized with their own inner lives that we can see better than Dexter. I love Angel Batista. I love that each individual episode is perfectly crafted yet still has its place in the perfectly crafted overall arc. I love that watching the puzzle pieces fall into place is still entertaining even though I know what the picture is. I love that the many things Dexter does to pass as normal are things we ourselves do to pass as normal, posing the question of what society-defined "normal" truly means, whether it's necessary, and how good or bad it is that we all have a little bit of Dexter in us.
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