August 19th, 2007


The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth

1. I finished The Subtle Knife! This series is becoming more and more awesome. I am both excited and worried about the last book, since so many people seem to feel angry and upset about it.

2. Someone in the GGMM linked to this Superman theme song. It's a guy singing a song to the familiar theme, and it's pretty hilarious. This guy did several more, and they're worth checking out. The rhyming in the Jaws theme is especially impressive. What's great about them is they're supergeeky, weaving in specific lines and references from the movies, not just the generic stuff you always see parodied.

3. Now, while viewing the Batman theme, I came across this. It appeared to be one in a series of Mac/PC parodies brilliantly titled "I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC." And this episode featured Spider-Man and Batman discussing how dark they are. It is fucking hilarious. Here is an excerpt:

Spidey: Well, my parents died when I was too young to remember, so I was raised by my aunt and uncle.
Bats: Oh, yeah, that's too bad. Yeah, I was lucky enough to know both my parents until I was eight years old and they were shot to death in front of me. Go on.
Spidey: Um...I felt responsible for my uncle's murder, so I became a crimefighter.
Bats: Hm. Wouldn't know anything about that. Continue.
Spidey: Hey, it's been pretty rough, man! In the comics, I had a girlfriend who died in my arms.
Bats: Please, you know how many girlfriends have died in my arms?

After watching a few more and cracking up, I went to his video page and watched them all in order (start at the bottom right and go left). And I am telling you: if you are a fan of comic books and/or comic-book movies, you must watch them! (If you are a die-hard DC fan, you must be willing to take some ribbing in the early episodes. But Marvel gets knocked too, don't worry. Although, come on, Marvel clearly rules the land of movies.)

After Supes, Spidey, and Bats go out to get milkshakes, some plots actually begin to develop. Superman and Wolverine hilariously fight over the fact that Superman Returns stole Bryan Singer from the X-Men franchise. There's a Villains Edition with the Green Goblin mocking Lex Luthor:

Green Goblin: Oh, yeah, why would you want to watch someone fight in a superhero action movie when you could watch someone think?! "Coming this summer: Lex Luthor thinks!" How did that pitch meeting go? "Ready for this, guys? Lex Luthor's gonna THINK!" "How much?" "$200 million!" "Sold!"
Lex Luthor: Actually, only some of it was thinking. Some was plotting, some was planning, and finally, the explaining of the plan, which I had plotted after I'd thought of it.

Seriously, this is the funniest thing I've seen in ages. Granted, it's not for everyone, but for the people it is for, it's damn brilliant. I even subscribed to the guy's videos so I wouldn't miss the next installment! The latest episode ended in a cliffhanger!

He was even interviewed by, who put up some of his videos.

This is my new favorite thing. Share the hilarity with me!

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