June 28th, 2007

Give me some battery

The Disc, the Disc, the Disc Is on Fire!

Rule of Three!

First, courtesy of cadhla:
A fire sale is what you have when the house is on fire and you need to get things out of it, right? 'Here, buy my stuff before it gets smoke-damaged'. Well, a very good friend of mine has a house that's on fire right now, and that means I'm having a fire sale to try to help her put it out.

For the next week, all proceeds of sales from my first album, Pretty Little Dead Girl, will be going straight to her and her family, to help them get through a rather nasty financial crunch -- basically, she starts her new job in two weeks, but until then, there's no money to do fun things like 'feed the resident small child' and 'keep the electricity running'. If we can manage to sell forty copies of the album, at $15 a pop, we'll raise six hundred dollars, and get them through this stupid speed bump.

To order Pretty Little Dead Girl and donate the proceeds, go to:


Put 'fire sale' in the comments field. We still have to charge postage (and the international order surcharge, for people outside the US), since I don't have any money either, but all actual sale-of-CD proceeds will go straight to the donation pool. I'm probably going to do a few art sales or auctions to help this along, later in the week.

Please, feel free to repost this entry, modified as necessary, especially if you have a reading list that differs substantially from mine. The fire sale will run from Thursday, June 28, through Thursday, July 5.

Thank you.

If you like folk music, you'll like Seanan's CD. If you are a geek who likes folk music, you'll love Seanan's CD. Firefly fans in particular must own this CD for the song "Evil Laugh," whose chorus goes:

My laugh is an evil laugh! Ha ha ha ha DIE.
It's been really swell, but now it's time to say goodbye.
My sudden inevitable betrayal was the only way
We could end this tale...
My laugh is an evil laugh. Ha ha ha ha DIE.

Comic-book lovers will want it for "Four-Color Love," which goes:

Well, you can be Scott Summers, baby, I can read your mind,
Or you can be Matt Murdock, and we'll prove true love is blind.
Well, if you're feeling lucky, then I guess Longshot's the name --
But don't you be Bart Allen. You'd be gone before you came.

And "Sycamore Tree" is gorgeous no matter how you slice it.

You can read the lyrics and listen to samples here. The good friend in question is also a friend of mine, in addition to being a Veronica Mars fan whose work you may have read before. So buy Stars Fall Home, even though the title makes no goddamn sense. I'm even in the liner notes for no discernible reason, though I had nothing to do with the production of the CD.

ETA: I'm a dunce. What I just described to you was Stars Fall Home, her new album. The donation album is Pretty Little Dead Girl, which does include an awesome live version of "Sycamore Tree" (and a few other tracks from SFH) but not the songs I quoted. I promise it is just as geeky and folky, however. So you should just buy both, and everybody wins.

ETA 2: As long as you put 'fire sale' in the comments, Stars Fall Home is valid for this fundraiser. Buy buy buy!

Second, courtesy of nortylak: MSNBC anchor Mika Brzezinksi refuses to lead with Paris Hilton story. Repeatedly. She even tears the story up, on-air. You have to watch the video. It's fucking glorious, and I hope it starts a trend.

Third, courtesy of schnappycat: Free Jamba Juice smoothie! If you buy one first, of course. Treat a friend.

Also, there was something about Jason Dohring being eaten by vampires, or something like that.