June 21st, 2007

Moon powers

Submitted for the Approval of the Midnight Society, I Call This Post "The Tale of the Pimping Cow"

Thank you all for your comments on the last post. I was surprised there weren't more "Shut up, you whiny prat" comments, but hugs are good too. Special super thanks to minim_calibre, as I am going to implement her much-supported idea in the near future. And look what Melanie found for me! Friends are great. Lookit!

So as a gesture of gratitude, I'm providing you with THINGS TO CLICK ON.

Did you ever think Spider-Man would be better if he were a Power Ranger? The Japanese did. (Unfortunately, I can't find the upload where someone commented with translations of some of his introductions, which include "I'm the man from Hell. Spider-Man!" and something like "I am the man who grieves for woman and child. Spider-Man!") If you're brave, watch the entire first episode, in which Peter Parker rides a dirtbike and then gets bitten by a talking alien spider, after which he magically dons a costume and becomes Spider-Man and shoots Spider String. And then fights a giant robot with his Mechazord. I wish I were kidding. But I really, really dislike stephl, kibarika, peri_peteia, and spideychris, and I want to ruin their precious childhood memories.

Check out msdewey.com, where a hot Indian chick will service all your searching needs!

You people need to join hate_ball. I thought it was a community for haters to get drunk on haterade and hate hateastically, but it's NOT!! It's the total opposite of that! It's a community for GAMES. Like the TV Show Quote Game and Truth or Dare and the Talk with Your Icons Game and the brand-new Movie Tagline Game. It is all there for your daily amusement and entertainment. You'll never be bored again.

Do you teach? Do you want to teach? Do you know someone who teaches? Do you think Spider-Man would be better if he were a Power Ranger? If so, you must read Little But Fierce, the new blog by me-renowned teacher, Kristin Taylor. If she doesn't make you a better teacher and/or person in 30 days or less, she'll give you your money back, personally, in a corset. And bunny ears.

You know what's kind of awesome to do? Watch Are You Afraid of the Dark?! Aw, I loved that show back in the day. It's funny to see it now and realize how utterly low budget and Canadian it was. But I watched an episode with Neve Campbell!

I saw my first episode of 30 Rock on the plane home ("The Source Awards"). It was unexpectedly hilarious. I am considering mainlining it next.

Knocked Up is also hilarious, and I recommend it. Be aware, though, that it is very much an adult comedy, and most of the funny comes in the form of profanity and sex. See if you can spot the Office folk!

Finally, what post would be complete without a poll?

Poll #1007794 God Is in the Details

Is Evan Almighty a sequel?

I want a burrito.