June 7th, 2007

Meg wants me

The Agony and the Irony, They're Killing Me, Whoa!

So there appears to be this thing called The LiveJournal Awards, except it's really more The Awards for _allshallfade and indilime's Circle of a Thousand Friends, since they're the ones who mostly know about it and care enough to vote.

There was a category for Biggest Veronica Mars Fan.

And I did not win it. indilime won with a landslide 12 votes. It was slightly humbling. I'm not that famous on the Internet.

But thanks to tiggz, dachelle, aprilbegins, and an anonymouse, I was second place!! Woooo!!!

Hold on, it gets better.

Because thanks to four anonyrats, I tied with grave_watchers.

Between this and Keckler's Jericho piece, I've had a lot of hardcore, can't-stop laughter tonight.