May 21st, 2007

Dangerous ladies

The Lurkers Support Me in Comments

First, a running update: I took a couple weeks off and restricted myself to the elliptical, which is a hell of a workout. My first attempt running was almost a success, but I felt the shin splints (oh, I don't think I ever posted that I got a bone scan that confirmed I did not have a stress fracture) flare up near the end. Last week, my coach suggested I do a warm-up walk before stretching, and he gave me some shin strengthening exercises and shin stretches to do...and I ran five miles with no problem. I continued doing the shin exercises over the week, and yesterday, I ran ten miles with no shin pain. Although my old nemesis Numb Feet showed up again; I quelled the bastard in the usual manner. It looks like I'm on track to complete the half-marathon, you guys.

It's not too late to donate to the AIDS Foundation in the name of my ridiculously stubborn efforts to work through the pain! I'm not too far away from my $3,000 goal. And speaking of goals, rowanceleste, I haven't forgotten about your BSG finale recap (I assume you want a TWoP-style recap and not just one of my silly episode posts, right?). incidentist, I haven't forgotten about your post either, although, to be honest, I haven't really read a book in the last year, per se, worthy of your prompt. Hm, Sandman may fall in that time frame, though, except I already posted about it. maxymama, if you would like any sort of post, you can still claim one. loopychew, I think I'm still supposed to get questions from you to answer.

Now that I have gone two paragraphs without mentioning Veronica Mars, let me do that! Except not really, because what I really want to do is welcome the several lurkers who came out of the woodwork in my last post. Don't be a stranger, and thank you so much for your incredibly kind comments. One of my neurotic obsessions is that I fear I will never affect people's lives in any meaningful way, that I will never leave my mark on the world, but it appears I've already done so. Even though I don't feel like I've done that much at all, I'm glad I enhanced other people's Veronica Mars experience.

Consider this a Delurking Amnesty Post, by the way! Always wanted to say hi but were too shy? This is your chance!

And speaking of chasing after women naked with a chainsaw, a few of you were very miffed when I did not give any warning that I would be in Philadelphia. So I am giving you fair warning that I will be in Chicago from June 1 to June 5 for a conference. My time will be limited, I'm sure. All I know for sure is that I want to see Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind again and meet maka2000 in the process. That would be Saturday. I really have no idea about my availability since it's a work event and there may be necessary networking dinners and whatnot, but at least we can try. I'll be staying at this dump.

Finally, on Friday morning, I got in the elevator of my office building. On the other side of the elevator running coach. He works two floors above me.

Life is WEIRD.